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Mikey Taylor Refines Shoe to Create Taylor 2

September 09, 2010

Worldwide undisputed King of Bondo to all who have witnessed the quik-fixness, Mikey is the pro that you thought all pros were like when you were a little kid. This guy clocks more street time than the average homeless person, in fact the only time that Mikey isn’t outside street skating is when he’s skating indoors at the Berrics! He’s been on a tear lately. With his Alien Workshop Mind Field part under his belt, and maybe a bit of stress off his shoulders, he’s been skating like a madman—whether in LA or wherever else travels have taken him. He ushered in his first LS pro model earlier this year and is now looking at his second pro shoe at etnies. There is no easy sign-off on any Mikey endorsed etnies product: each and every item gets tireless adjustments and refinements. And whilst the Taylor 2 has probably taken years off our shoe designers’ lives, Mikey loves this shoe and that’s what our shoe designers are all about.

Check out Mikey’s Street League prelim clip! He didn’t make the finals but Mikey ripped all weekend and kicked off the whole shebang. He went down in history as the first skater to take a run at the first Street League ever!